Park Bikes Training Camp Day Three: Bowral to Sydney

Day three began with some tired bodies and interesting tan lines (tip: POC helmets let a surprising amount of sunlight in). Everyone had opted for the full ride back to Sydney, even though an option of a short ride followed by a train trip was offered. Today’s menu started out with a fast ride down the Hume Highway from Bowral to Picton, then a main course of Razorback, followed by a dessert course of rolling highway back into Sydney.

The first 40 kilometres were knocked over in under an hour. The terrain is mostly flat but with frequent downhill sections, which got everyone warmed up very nicely. The pace, and spirits, were high. Before too long we were off the highway and heading for Picton, at the foot of the Razorback climb.

It’s a short climb and not in the same league as the two previous days, but some of the bunch – me included – were sagging. We regrouped at the top, and took the left turn towards the Old Razorback road. We would only be descending this one today, but it’s a climb I’ll definitely be going back to do in the near future.

The descent is a little rough, quite winding but fast. My Fly6 tail camera captured some nice video on the way

That done, it was back onto the highway in ever-increasing temperatures and ever more dense traffic, back to Sydney and the end of a fantastic weekend. It was a quite elated bunch that rolled in to Concord for the finish, and while the clouds were beginning to threaten, the rain held off until we were back at the startline and sorting out luggage

Hands were shaken, congratulations meted out, photos were taken and everyone agreed this should now be an annual event. When the V8s roll in to Sydney Olympic Park, Park Bikes will roll out to the Southern Highlands for a big weekend of riding, and – with luck – next year we’ll be re-contesting The Spuddy in the company of an even bigger bunch.

Massive thanks and congratulations go out to the entire Park Bikes team, who were stalwarts all the way, to Noelene Woo who drove luggage and third support, to Donna from Domestique and Lachlan from Park Bikes who were the driving force behind the weekend and to all the riders for making this a truly fantastic event. I’d say if you want in next year you’re going to need to book early. I know I will.

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