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Apparently, Strava is killing cycling. So sayeth the slow.

Focus on a segment: Lilyfield Road

With the news that Leichhardt Council is planning to put speed bumps in on Lilyfield Road – in part to slow ‘speeding cyclists’ – I thought it might be an idea to focus on this much maligned and much ridden section of Sydney road and see if we can come up with some numbers on just how fast riders are going, and see whether Leichhardt Council is right in their decision.

Beware. Nerdery follows below the fold.

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Public Service Announcement: Give your Garmin a Chance

These three images came from my Strava feed today.

3 1 2

Look at those elapsed times. Look at them! Would you have me believe that you were riding for as much as 52,000 hours? That’s nigh on six years in the saddle!

No, what’s happened here is that these three riders have set off and pressed their ‘start’ button before their device has acquired a satellite signal.

This has to stop. Garmin devices all over the country are desperately confused about which decade they’re in. Don’t let yours be the same. Wait until you’ve got full signal before pressing start. You know it makes sense.

Strava: Classic segments

Just a quick short post to say: Strava’s  classic segments page is fantastic.

And I’m very glad to say one of my own favourites, Mount Hotham, has made the list

Why Strava, Lance Armstrong and Rule 5 will be the death of me

I did a 170km ride yesterday, in an average temperature of 32°C. On a mountain bike. Because Strava wanted me to.

I rode the MTB because the weather in general has been thrashing rain alternating with periods of blasting humidity – and I didn’t want to be caught out in a potential downpour on my road bike, since that thing is frankly terrifying in the rain.

But that’s not the thing that’ll kill me.

When I arrived home, I had – not surprisingly, given the distance and temperature – some issues with chamois-area soreness. In my house are several tubes of a topical corticosteroid (prescribed to my girlfriend but sitting unopened in a drawer) which, had I used it, would have cleared up the problem a treat. However whenever I see the words “topical corticosteroid”, I think of Lance-fucking-Armstrong and can’t use it. So I have to HTFU and, at best, use a simple moisturiser or chamois cream

So I’m still sore. But that’s not the thing that’ll kill me.

This week, the day after I complete the Quarq Power Trip Challenge, Strava again wants me to hit a goal on the bike – this time it’s 15 hours in the coming week. I could simply decline the challenge and ride in moderation, given that the opening race of my season is due for this coming Saturday. But rule 5.

So, tired as I was, and sore as I was, I was back on the bike this morning, wincing all the way and averaging roughly 5km/h slower than my usual commute pace.

In and of itself, that’s not the thing that’ll kill me

It’s all of it together – which combines to form a thing we call “cycling”.

That’s what’ll be the death of me.

See you after race weekend, folks, I’m off to prep the bike for a few more hours in the saddle.


Seven things I hate about Strava

No, really

Strava. What it's really all about.

Lots of people whine about how Strava is destroying cycling, what with the whole “added competition” aspect and all. Or something.

These people are of course entitled to whine as much as they want about whatever they want. But the fact remains that Strava, and similar apps, are enormously valuable to cyclists, and not just competitive testosterone-driven street racers out for a new KOM. The key thing being the fact that your detailed data allows you not just to compete against others, but to compete against yourself. And even excluding the competitive aspect, it’s really quite nice to have a record of how many kms you’ve covered, how much uphill you’ve done and how often you’ve done it, and how much you’ve improved over time.

And I’d be a whole lot slower and a lot less fit if I didn’t have some kind of self-challenging tool to kick my arse of a morning. Or, to be more accurate, some kind of self-challenging tool that turns every commute into a gut-wrenching interval session.

That said, there are things about Strava that piss me off. Royally.

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THIS is how you HTFU

It’s Strava’s Base Mile Blast challenge this month. One rider from Adelaide seems to be doing extraordinarily well

Good work, Peter, on completing 35,876.8 miles in 11 days. Whatever a mile is. You’re certainly flying the flag for Australia

I’m languishing down in something like 4500th place with a bit over 200 miles right now. Makes you think I ought to pedal harder, huh?

(By the way, I’ve confirmed that Peter hasn’t been doing nefarious things like flying his Garmin from Sydney to London and back – it’s a bug on Strava’s side)

All the kids are doing it

Found on Strava, a moment of indelicate wording from a phArmstrong fanboi, or an indication that everyone’s doing it now?

Yo yo yo we's all jacked up on da juice if yous knows... oh whatever

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