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De Ronde

If there’s one thing I really, really want to do, it’s go back to Europe, and spend classics season doing this:

Monumental Flanders – A documentary about cycling in Flanders and the Ronde – 2013 from Cycling in Flanders on Vimeo.

Yes, riding the amateur classics routes, Paris Roubaix and De Ronde most of all, getting splendidly drunk on fantastic beer with great people afterwards, then watching the pro peloton smash the cobbles. Then doing the whole thing again.

Please? Can I do that? Please?

The Science Behind The Bike

As promised yesterday, here’s another Open University series on cycling, The Science Behind The Bike, starting with the History of the hour record and covering technology, physiology and the physics underlying the whole thing. Enjoy!

The Design Behind The Bike

I’ve been watching this excellent series from the UK’s Open University on the subject of design in cycling. It’s a fascinating helicopter view of ┬ábike design from several angles. Enjoy!

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The US, Liberia, Burma and Liggetsherwenistan

This week, like many of you, I’m watching the Tour De France, which is wonderful, though I’m trying not to blog much about it because saturation.

Still, I have to note that I’m feeling particularly exercised during this tour, because I’m watching the SBS coverage, sitting about three metres from a 155cm television, in a country that runs on metric, watching a bike race – a sport that runs on metric – in a country that runs on metric and I still have Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen attempting to explain stuff to me in miles.


I mean, what the fuck even is a “mile”? And why would anyone want to do an arbitrary number of them per hour? Continue Reading →

The Satchel Ride

I had no idea. Really. Watch, and appreciate.