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THIS is how you HTFU

It’s Strava’s Base Mile Blast challenge this month. One rider from Adelaide seems to be doing extraordinarily well

Good work, Peter, on completing 35,876.8 miles in 11 days. Whatever a mile is. You’re certainly flying the flag for Australia

I’m languishing down in something like 4500th place with a bit over 200 miles right now. Makes you think I ought to pedal harder, huh?

(By the way, I’ve confirmed that Peter hasn’t been doing nefarious things like flying his Garmin from Sydney to London and back – it’s a bug on Strava’s side)

The embodiment of Rule 5

In celebration of the fact that Velominati gave this the V-Moment of the year, I present something I dug up on the YouTubes. Watch Boonen fuck off into the distance at the 2012 Paris Roubaix.

Roll on April and five victories for Tomeke.