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Luke Durbridge’s chin takes second Road Nats TT Championship

Durbridge's Chin celebrates a stage winNews is in from the Road Nats that Luke Durbridge’s Chin has successfully defended his Australian National TT Championship. Congratulations are in order for the chin, which has rapidly become a force to be reckoned with. As chins go, it’s a pretty fast one.

Rumour has it that several of the chin’s competitors are in consultation with chin enhancement specialists, hoping to gain an edge on the Durbridge Chin.The UCI are drafting rules on allowable chin implant sizes, speculatively allowing a chin critical length or “chinocrit” of no more than 50% enhancement. Other teams are investigating the possibility of prosthetic chins, perhaps attached to the chinstraps of aero helmets, in order to regain an edge. Wind tunnel testing has indicated potential aero savings of up to 50 available watts over more conventional chin shapes, which is not to be sniffed at.

(SBS covers the day here, with spectacular chinography)


(seriously though, gratz to Luke and to Shara Gillow for taking her third women’s title)