Some good advice

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I did a group ride with LACC today. On it, I got some good advice.

If you’re smashing it off the front, don’t look back. Keep your head down and pedal harder. If there’s someone holding your wheel, he’s got enough speed to stay with you and you don’t need to check he’s there. If there’s no-one on your wheel, you’ve broken away and you need to go hard to stay away, and looking back won’t help.

Don’t. Look. Back.

Also: being hung out to dry on the front because you’re the new guy and being a bit cocky. Ouch.

Also also: Holy shit, a full peloton can pass you like a truck when you eventually crack.

Also also also: If you’re not smashing it off the front, looking back now and then is a really, really good thing.

(Thank you Scott, I actually really, really appreciate the advice)

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