The Hills Are Calling

Back in April 2014, I had a crack at Everesting Garie Beach Hill in the Royal National Park. That particular attempt was aborted when my front light cut out during a fast, windy descent, which resulted in me hitting a pothole, puncturing, nearly dying of an adrenaline overdose, then calling it due to actual objective danger.

The switch assembly on the light, it transpired, had vibrated itself loose, and since I was carrying charging equipment but no actual spare light, there was no going on.

That was, as far as I know, the first attempt at an Everesting on Garie. I’d selected it for proximity to Sydney, a nice constant gradient, and a manageable number of target laps – 44. It really is – aside from the rough surface – an ideal Everesting hill.

In September 2014, Pat Dellagiagiacoma and Paul Karis completed the first everesting of Garie as a pair, a fine effort and worth some applause.

Now, in September 2016, the 8848 Royal National Park event will see a mass participation Everesting attempt on this hill in aid of The Cancer Council. This is a fantastic cause to ride for, and since it’s a supported event you won’t run into the problems I (and others) have run into. There’ll be mechanics, medics, food, drinks, support and other riders on your shoulder all the way. The road will be closed, so you won’t have to deal with any traffic. You don’t even have to do the 8848 solo, since there’s a team option. You should totally do it, if you can scrape together the entry fee. Do it.

Now, back to my story.

For my part, back in 2014 I moved on to attempting another hill, which was again stymied by equipment failure – this time my GPS gave up the ghost only about 400m or so short of the target. I went back in October for a second round on Glenbrook, but decided discretion was the better part of valour given the greasy conditions, and headed home and did Sufferlandrian Knighthood instead.

And not long after that I picked up a few injuries while racing, got hit by two cars in two weeks, changed career paths and backed off from riding a bit. I made friends with the sofa and put on some weight. Quite a lot of weight, actually.

Suffice to say I’ve not been getting enough kilometres of late.

So, time to fix that.

New Target. The hills are calling. Again.

Everesting. Again.

Before September is out. Glenbrook Gorge North*. 8848m.

I’d welcome anyone who wants to ride with me for a few laps, or even for the whole thing. I’ve got a lot on in the meantime, including speaking at tech conferences in Sydney and Singapore, so I’ll hold off on setting a firm date just yet, but when I have a date, I’ll post it here. It’ll likely be early September. I’ll also need to get some training miles under my belt. LACC will probably help with this, but to keep myself amused, I may try and ride with some other clubs and maybe do some shop rides too. And I’ll be smashing the trainer.

Oh fuck. What have I committed to?

See you on the road.

* unless someone else picks up the first ascent in the meantime. I have alternatives picked out for that eventuality

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